About Us

We are SR Enterprises working since 2012 in solar Industries. We are representing solar Industries as a distributor for Himachal Pradesh with wide range of our product & very well satisfaction for customers all the time. SR Enterprises has a huge customers satisfaction till date appoxi 2000+ commercial as well as domestic in all over Himachal Pradesh.

SR Enterprises committed so supply solar Products with quality, reliability, long life for clean & green environment for next generation. SR Enterprises focus on to aware people about solar energy and its benefits in future and long term benefits rather than product sale. Our priority to educate the people how to use solar energy to save other single time usable resources. We give quality based products, reliability & always focus on customer satisfaction with high technical team for installation on any kind of steel roof, lenter etc. we are working hand to hand with 9-10 professional people.


We intend to promote use of solar energy by-
Developing & delivering innovative solar solution.
Making the solution accessible, viable and affordable.
Achieving and enhancing complete customer satisfaction.


Creating sustainable and eco-friendly future for our mother earth by optimum use of solar energy.