Energy Saving Heat Pump

Uratom Heat Pump (UHP) Series is more efficient solution for heating water. It utilizes naturally available heat from water, ground and even winter air and applies a vapor compression refrigerant cycle, consuming nearly one quarter of the electrical energy required for traditional water heating. At 75% reduced energy consumption, this contributes to cleaner air.

Uratom has developed a full range (from 200 Litres/hr To 1500 Litres/hr) of UHP water heating units built on heating optimized Special Compressors to provide seasonal efficient heating capacity and effective domestic hot water production in residential and commercial building applications. These are available for use with multiple refrigerants like R417A, R407C, R22 and R134A.

It is designed to deliver 55ºC – 60ºC water temperature irrespective of the weather conditions. It can operate from a wide ambient from 10ºC to 43ºC. UHP unit come fitted with Best – In – Class “Shell & Tube” heat exchanger technology. These are easier to service compared to other available condensers in field. Shell & Tube heat exchangers are the perfect solution for sites where the water quality is very poor. UHP series are designed for simple & easy operation in the field for end – users like Hotels, Hostels, Factories & Restaurants, etc. These units come with “Simple User Interface” which allows service teams to get advance warnings about field failures, simple error codes for easy diagnosis & trouble shooting. This reduces down time and increases system’s life.

Advantage of Heat Pump

Hot Water is everyday need for modern living. Traditionally, water is heated by burning fossil fuels or using electric heaters. These traditional methods of water heating consumes much higher energy (electrical or fossil fuels), resulting in energy wastage.

Increasing energy costs of gas or oil heating systems, coupled with the need to meet Co2 emission targets has resulted in the growing interest for dedicated heat pumps. Rather than burning fossil fuels to produce heat and consequently Co2 emission, dedicated heat pumps use renewable energy from the environment like air, ground and water. It consumes up to 70% less primary energy and therefore drastically reduce the pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels.


Energy Saving Chart

Significant Energy Saving Compared to traditional Heating System Delivers ROI within a Year
Hot Water Qty / DayLitres2800    Number of Shower
Water In Temperature°C30    (No/Day)(Typical)
Water Out Temperature°C60    70
Total Heat EnergyKcal84000    
Solar System
 UnitHeat PumpCommercialSolar with 50%Solar with 100%  
  HeatingElectric HeatingElectric BackupElectric Backup Diesel
Fuel UnitVariesKwhKwhKwhKwhKgLitres
Energy/Fuel UnitKcal8608608608601110010994
Average COP of SystemRatio3.500.950.950.950.800.80
Energy/Fuel Unit in SystemKcal301081781781788808795
Reqd Fuel UnitVaries2810351103910
Fuel Cost/UnitINR8.
Energy Cost/DayINR/Day223.3822.5411.3822.5567.6477.5
Energy Cost Comparison%Base268 154114
INR Difference/DayBase599.3 344.3254.3
Annual Energy Saving in INRBase21873210563512567492811
Annual Energy Saving in %Base13%56%61%53%
ROI@ Heat Pump Cost of 1 LakhsBase0.460.950.801.1